Ecclesiastical Method Verse

Calendar of the Soul

Tenth Verse

Ecclesiastical Calculation

Ninth Week

  To summer's radiant heights
  The sun in shining majesty ascends;
  It takes my human feeling
  Into its own wide realms of space.
  Within my inner being stirs
  Presentiment which heralds dimly,
  You shall in future know:
  A godly being now has touched you.

English translation by Ruth and Hans Pusch

  Zu sommerlichen Höhen
  Erhebt der Sonne leuchtend Wesen sich;
  Es nimmt mein menschlich Fühlen
  In seine Raumesweiten mit.
  Erahnend regt im Innern sich
  Empfindung, dumpf mir kündend,
  Erkennen wirst du einst:
  Dich fühlte jetzt ein Gotteswesen.

The Year Participated translation
by Owen Barfield

  Nearer the peak of his midsummer heights
  the climbing sun uprears his blazing head;
  he takes along with him my human heart
  into the boundlessness of space;
  deep down and dimly I am made aware
  that one day I shall know:
  `But now a godlike being felt you here.'

(provided with the kind permission of the Rudolf Steiner Press)

Celestial Method Verse